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As we began our search for a wedding photographer we knew this would be one of the most important decisions we were going to make in the planning process. Especially since many of our friends told us that they regretted not prioritizing this part on their big day! From the firstphonecall my husband had with Monika he explained that there was “something special about her.” When I eventually scheduled to speak to her I was running late for the call due to a friend calling with some personal issues. When we finally got on the phone, Monika not only expressed empathy for my friend but instantly understood our vision for the wedding. She reminded us how special of a day it will be, not only for us but for our families who will be traveling from all over the world and might never be together in one room again. This is why photography is so important and I believe there is no one better out there to capture that moment than Monika!  She feels more like a guest (like a favorite guest haha) than a photographer! She made everyone feel comfortable, beautiful and often made us laugh. Her responsiveness throughout the process was highly professional and you will get your pictures in a timely manner. Monika is remarkable and a true artist at her craft! But most of all someone you feel is a friend after sharing those moments. We are hoping to use her for future life events! Don’t hesitate…Monika is the photographer you want by your side on your wedding day!



Monika was utterly, completely fabulous, both as a wedding photographer and a guide as I was planning my own wedding! As I was considering different photographers for our wedding, I just felt that there was something special about Monika and her work. As someone with an arts background, I’m very picky about visual images. Monika is a true artist, and her images sang to me. The quality of light which makes her subjects look like they’re glowing from within. The gorgeous compositions which seem to make the surrounding world envelop couples with joy. The naked truth in the faces of her subjects, totally open and vulnerable. After our first skype conversation, I knew I had found our photographer. She has a creative artist’s soul but is also supremely reliable and organized, so I knew I could trust her completely. When we discussed our wedding timeline, she actually helped me craft most of it–and came up with the brilliant idea to do sunset photos in my cultural costume as opposed to my ceremony dress. I would never have thought of this on my own, and I’m so grateful for her advice– those portraits in my cultural dress were my favorite from the entire day. Throughout our wedding, even when I slightly panicked over a small crisis, Monika kept me calm and kept things moving. She was an expert at wrangling our crazy wedding party to behave for the group photos (no small task!) We all loved her and were so impressed by her. The day after the wedding, she shared incredible sneak peek images, then a few weeks later shared a beautiful slideshow of highlight photos. My family and I have probably watched that slideshow a hundred times, it was magical! We received our full collection of photos this week and I couldn’t be happier (or more impressed that she finished them so quickly!) I also think that for the quality of her work, her fees are very reasonable. Her work is at least the match of other photographers who charge far more. I can’t recommend Monika’s work enough. She goes above and beyond to capture an event in the most thoughtful and beautiful way–somehow finding the perfect balance between raw, real, and polished.



Choosing Monika as our wedding photographer was one of the best wedding planning decisions we made. We LOVE our photos. Monika photographed our wedding in the Catskills and also did an engagement session in NYC (something I never thought I wanted and am so, so happy we did). On top of being talented, Monika is warm, kind, and so very professional. She was on top of everything and so responsive. She took time to get to know us and added in personal touches that meant so much to us.  We adored Monika and felt like she was one of our guests. At the same time, we knew she knows her stuff, which meant we didn’t have to worry about anything on our big day. Beautiful photos by a beautiful person. Thank you, Monika.



Choosing Monika as my photographer was the BEST decision i made of all my vendors for my wedding! She is extremely kind, patient, and organized. Not to mention her amazing talent for photography. From our first skype session i knew this would be a great relationship! She was always on top of every detail, guiding me every step of the way! She was super helpful to the DIY bride. She helped me create a schedule, a great photo list When the big day finally came she showed up early, scoped out potential locations and was ready to go. Through out the day she remained calm and focused and never once felt pushy or overbearing, but was still able to get all the shots i wanted and more! Im giddy with excitement after seeing photos! I could go on and on, do your self a favor and hire Monika to capture your wedding day!




They say that a person knows if they like someone within 3 minutes of meeting them. I think it took me less than 3 seconds with Monika. She is a kind, compassionate and very artistic spirit that simply said… cares. Months before our wedding Monika took the time to meet with me and my now husband and hear our story. We sat at a local cafe and just chatted endlessly about what brought us together, why etc.. It is that level of care that makes an artist connect with their art, giving them a deeper perspective on the love a couple shares and ultimately documenting their special day moments seamlessly. The day of our wedding I was in a total panic mode, and I completely trusted Monika in making choices for our picture taking, as the rain ruined our original plans. Needless to say, our pictures are spectacular, perfectly capturing all of the special moments that no one else was able to notice. It warms my heart every time I look at them, and it is thanks to Monika that our wedding day was truly special. I honestly could not have imagined that day without her help and warm soul near me.



Monika is simply the best! We really appreciate all of the extra touches and effort she extended. She came to our neighborhood and took the time to have coffee with us to get to know my then-fiance and I and get an idea of our personalities. It’s so special. On our wedding day, she was very professional and commanded everyone to their proper places (as a photographer ought to amidst the chaos) but she was warm all throughout. It rained pretty much the entire day of our wedding and it was very cold up in the Catskills but Monika maintained her calm. Most importantly, the pictures came about absolutely stunning; they were exactly what we wanted. My fiance and I aren’t very good at posing in front of the camera so we requested that she take as many candid shots possible and she definitely delivered. Each and every photo captured the emotions from our special day; we’re very happy with them!